Two men. One challenge.
In one corner, Joe. Lion fan, so his football knowledge is generally in question. In the other corner, Chris, who hasn’t won our fantasy league since 2002, yet is still somehow in possession of the championship trophy. This is about settling an argument. Who can come up with the best start em sit em picks for the 2012 fantasy football season.

The rules are simple. Pick three starts and three sits each week. One QB, one RB and one WR/TE on each side of the ledger. Same parameters as we use in the site official start em sit em picks; can’t “start” anyone that all ready starts for 70% of owners and can’t “sit” dudes that start on less than 35% of squads. Starts earn positive points; sits get negative points as determined by a basic scoring system. Most total points determines the winner each week. Just for fun, there will be a Pick of Insanity every week. Each will pick one start em recommendation that starts in less than 20% of leagues. The Pick of Insanity's points will be doubled and added to the score of the other six picks. Got it?

There is a friendly wager on the seasons outcome. It involves a dress and the regular Tuesday night watering hole. Let the best man win. And the second best man wear a dress.

Week 11

Starts - Chris
Andrew Luck QB, Indy
How about 27th  in the league against the pass? Thanks NE.

BenJarvis Green-Ellis  RB, CIincinnati
I know they kind of played Pitt tough…even with Ben…no way two weeks in a row the KC holds anything back at home or on the road.

Greg Olsen TE, Carolina
He’s feast or famine in a big way…but his targets are holding fast at 9-10 per week…you have to like that with a D nearly last in the league against the pass.

Starts - Joe
Andy Dalton QB, Cincy
Great game last week against NYG, riding the hot hand against KC.

Jonathon Stewart RB, Carolina
Going against a Tampa D 19th against the run, and it seems like the coach’s have lost faith in Deangelo Williams

Denarius Moore WR, Dallas
A touchdown in 4 outta the last 5 games, I like my odds against the Saints

Sits - Chris
Matt Stafford QB, Lions
Don’t like going against my hometown guy…but based on our rules of starting on 65% of teams only 5 QB’s qualify…)

Michael Turner RB, Atlanta
Slowing down in a big way and a much more nimble back is waiting on the bench to shine.

Vernon Davis TE, San Francisco
Not really part of the offense anymore…strange but true.s.

Sits - Joe
Phillip Rivers QB, San Diego
Road divisional game, and the last time he played Denver he was held to under 10 fantasy points

Michael Turner RB, Atlanta
Arizona D is 9th best in fantasy against the run, and he looked Terrible last week

Torrey Smith WR, Baltimore
Going against a tough Pitt defense and is only averaging 3 catches a game since week 4

Pick of Insanity - Chris 
Jacquizz Rodgers RB, Atlanta
Based on last week’s turd dropped by Michael Turner…perhaps an actual RB may get a shot in the RZ?

Pick of Insanity - Joe 
James Starks RB, Green Bay
Got 17 carries the week before the bye, he’s the starting RB on a winning team and is available in 95% of leagues

Week 11 Results

Chris Joe
Start (add points) Luck 13.8 Dalton 24.5
Green-Ellis 16.8 Stewart 13.3
Olsen 4.2 D Moore 0.4
Sit (subtract) Stafford 9.8 Rivers 12.3
Turner 10.6 Turner 10.6
V Davis 14.3 T Smith 0.7
Insanity (x2) J Rodgers 5.1 Starks 8.0
points: 10.3 30.6

Season Results

Points Winner
Chris Joe
Week 1 11.6 21.0 Joe
Week 2 15.6 -15.6 Chris
Week 3 18.5 5.2 Chris
Week 4 -15.2 -21.5 Chris
Week 5 19.4 18.4 Chris
Week 6 36.6 25.2 Chris
Week 7 22.1 12.7 Chris
Week 8 21.3 27.1 Joe
Week 9 3.9 5.7 Chris
Week 10 33.1 13.4 Chris
Week 11 10.3 30.6 Joe
Week 12
Week 13
Week 14
Week 15
Week 16
Week 17
total points 185.4 126.4
wins 8 3