It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Fantasy Football draft season, and if you’re like me you are very busy this time of year. Between mock drafts and dodging plans with the wifey to make sure you are free for all your drafts. Well this year I have been recruited by several leagues so I have decided to put my fantasy knowledge to the test.

Over the next 10 days I will be drafting 6 different fantasy teams off my rankings all with a different strategy, capitalizing on value, to determine the best way to go about it for years to come. The strategies will range from taking a RB with my top 2 picks no matter what, grabbing an elite QB ASAP, try to compile 3 top pass catchers, and what had been my go to strategy for years avoid taking a QB in the top half of the draft.

But the key to any draft is to get the most value for each pick, so if you’re in the second round and MJD is staring you in the face it doesn’t matter the contract status you need to capitalize on his value. That leads to the bread and butter of a good draft, the sleeper picks, the picks you will brag to your friends about for years to come.

Look for my weekly blog to give you updates and cliff notes on all the draft process as well as the weekly strategy to get find this year’s Cam Newton on the waiver wire. Don’t forget to watch and root for me in Joe v Chris as we pick each weeks Start’em Sit’em.