Rather than sully the experience of the home page, during the offseason, We'll use this space to post general random stuff that may or may not have anything to do with fantasy football.


Here's a list of seach terms people have used to find The Roundtable...

- 100 names of random stuff
- a.j. hawk cab ride
- armando salguero dissing ted ginn
- be on the shelf "you'll be on the shelf" meaning
- best fantasy football informayion sites
- best fantasy football payed sights
- big round brown butt
- body inflation fantasy
- bros before shiancoes
- butt fanttasy
- carl fredrickson
- checking fantasy football at work
- cheerleader fantasy
- clever bocce team names
- clever things to say to a guy
- cool fantasy football putdowns
- dante stallworth fantasy
- defence rankings
- family guy + fantasy football names + stewie
- fanasty football
- fanatasy footbal
- fantacy football
- fantansy football
- fatacy footbal
- fatasy football
- rantasy footbal
- fantasz footbal
- fantesy footbal
- fanttasy footbal
- fatacy football
- fatasy football
- fantasy.americanidol.com footballroundtable
- fantasy foot ball
- fantasy baseball mlb draft 2009
- fantasy baseball diss
- fantasy curling
- fantasy football diss
- fantasy football draft side bets
- fantasy football fractional points are lame
- fantasy football names dissing the giants
- fantasy football names using lily
- fantasy football: jets defense sucks who can i get to replace them
- fantasy football punter rankings
- fantasy football put downs
- fantasy football side bet ideas
- fantasy football tanking
- fantasy football team names double rainbow guy
- fantasy football team names that no one knows about
- fantasy football team name unicorn
- fantasy football team names + "8 mile"
- fantasy football ya had a bad day
- fantasy football dudes
- fantasy football unicorn
- fantasy team names rainbow
- fantasy unicorns
- fantasy unicorns wallpapers
- female fantasy football names
- football punter funny name
- football team name unicorns
- fredrickson up
- funny ben roethlisberger fantasy football team names
- funny bocce ball team names
- funny bocce ball stories
- funny diss with unicorns
- funny fantasy football diss
- funny names for unicorns
- funny stuff to say during a fantasy baseball draft
- funny stuff to say during fantasy draft football
- funny+things+to+say+about+unicorns
- funny unicorn team name
- generalement les gens qui savant peu parlent becoup
- good clean fantasy football names
- guyocho
- have you fantasy football draft at round table
- high school fantasy football
- hot fantasy stories
- how many brothers and sisters do marshawn lynch have
- how much is a roy green-wr action packed card worth
- I don't know anything about fantasy football who should I draft?
- is it correct to say: my friend is good....to....playing football
- jeroius norwood wife
- julis perpers football player
- julius jones gpa
- kansas city chiefs rookies dance with seniors
- list any fantasy football programs on television please.
- mack truck smashed smart car
- madden bocce ball tournaments
- merrill hoge fantasy draft screw up
- nameslotto
- nate burleson dissing newton
- panter and giants pre season cheerleader
- people dissing mel kiper
- picture of a smart car smashed by a mack truck
- pictures of unicorns
- photos of big trucks with unicorns
- photos of the word lilly
- random stuf to say about unicorns
- rantasy football
- "reid creager" twitter
- rob gronkowski chicks
- santana holmes drug problem
- shortest game played at comerica park
- sing alond at home with my fantasy football team
- start a habbo hacking sit
- steve smith sucks for fantasy football 2009
- Stoney + Wojo + invitaional
- "the ryan matthews band"
- things to bet during football game
- tj houshmandzadeh gpa
- topps lingerie football league cards
- unicorns [120 times since 1/13/10, WTF?]
- unicorn fantasy football team name
- unicorn playing football
- what does the round table symbolise in the masonic twenty-seventh degree
- what do people have to say about football
- what do you say in football when your about to throw the ball?
- what is a white lump on your league what is it
- what is your gpa if you have b plus b minus d plus and a plus
- what is your wifes fantasy football team name
- what most people don't know about fantasy football
- when i say otta go to town what does otta mean
- who is 1st and ted in fantasy football commercial 2011 had a bad day
- why is foot ball round
- 2010 fantasy football name ideas stallworth


If we stand for two non-fantasy football things... Detroit rock & dr teeth and the electric mayhem. Enjoy...


Took seven days for someone to put together the matter-anti-matter-shark jumping moment with Hitler and the Double Rainbow. We feel dumb for posting this and worse being part of society in general.


Super Bowl Props

Lots of work, but we (would have) won $266 with our SB 44 prop bets

Coin Toss. Lose $100
Tails -105

Will the team that scores first win the game? Win $150
No +150

Total quarterback sacks made in the game by both teams. Lose $100
Over 3.5 +200

Will both teams make a field goal of 33 of more in the game. Win $170
Yes +170

Will a member of the Who smash a guitar on stage during the half time show? Lose $100
Yes +155

Total Interceptions - Drew Brees. Lose $100
Over 0.5 -165

Total Rushing Yards – Donald Brown. Lose $100
Over 22.5 -130

Total Receptions – Dallas Clark. Win $86
Under 6.5 -115

Who will score the first TD? Lose $200
Mike Bell 15/1
Donald Brown 15/1

The first score of the game will be? Win $165
Field Goal or Safety +165

Will there be a successful 2 point conversion attempt in the game? Win $350
Yes +350

Total net yards in the game by both teams. Win $71
Under 801 -140

Who will record the most Receiving Yards in the game? Lose $100
Pierre Garcon 4/1

Total Receiving Yards – Reggie Wayne. Win $77
Under 82.5 -130

New Orleans +6. Win $91
Over 56.5. Lose $100