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Tough to tell how the Bucs will use rook RB Doug Martin. They like him a lot and he should be on your fantasy draft radar. But new HC Greg Schiano coming from the defensive side of the ball and new OC Mike Sullivan is from the airal side of the offensive attack, it’s unclear how Martin and LaGarrette Blount will split time. Will it look like a 50/50 situation like Sullivan saw with the Giants or a work house system Schiano employed at Rutgers?

The Bengals ban twitter.

New Atlanta OC Dirk Koetter’s system isn’t all that TE friendly could affect Tony Gonzalez’s fantasy production.

Some would say Lion RB Kevin Smith isn’t supposed to be here, but he could start the season as the #1 back.

Adrian Foster went vegan during the offseason.

The Vikings want Adrian Peterson in the lineup by the first game of the season. Football Docs have a nice piece detailing the year after RB’s major injuries.

Looking a lot like Mike Wallace will at the minimum miss camp and possibly be out off Pittsburgh all together. If so, expect Antonio Brown’s production to be more consistent; Brown put up 1106 yards in 2011, but only two TDs and five games with three catches or less.


In other Buffalo news, Fred Jackson resigned for two years. Despite a broken leg last year and joining the wrong-side-of-30 club this February, Jackson’s still considered #1 running back. Figure C.J. Spiller to see more action, he rolled up 633 total yards and 5 TDs in the six games after Jackson's injury.

Rookies say the darndest thinks, Part 1: Nice sentiment when Brandon Weeden says; “We’re all playing for the name on the front of the jersey…” but he’ll need to rustle up some new clichés; as you may know, NFL jerseys don’t have names on the front.

Lion RB Mikel Leshoure loves the weed.

We may have seen Donald Driver's last days in Green Bay.

Rookies say the darndest things, Part 2: Kendall Wright's thoughts in the Titan’s playbook, “It is a big book with a lot of plays in it”

Brandon Marshall disses Miami quarterbacks.

Tim Tebow may be used on special teams. And just when you thought there wasn’t enough Tebow media coverage; 131 words are wasted on a story about how/why Tebow changed his dog’s name. Apparently the dog was not available for comment.


Our greatest hits from the last couple years.


No one in the always objective Dallas media thinks they Cowboys will win fewer than 10 games. Our official prediction: 8 wins, maybe 9, depending on how bad the Eagles turn out to be.


I’ll put this in caps. DRAFT ARIAN FOSTER.

That there’s a conversation between Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson shows that Leinart has failed. This guy has been groomed for the position for four years, takes the keys for an offense that’s two years removed from a Super Bowl. The biggest fantasy loser will be Larry Fitz, looks for his numbers to suffer, whoever the QB is.

Brandon Lloyd won this week’s who’s-gonna-get-the-receptions-in-Denver race. As of week three, our official position is that Lloyd and Gaffney will be around 900/6 with Royal picking up a little less than that.


Steve Slayton fumbled his way out of any major fantasy production; he didn’t get a sniff until the second teamers came in and he’s running back kick-offs, not usually the job of a first teamer. Assume that Arian Foster will be the main RB.


Ochocinco’s late on his car note.


The Silverdome sold for $583,000.  Cost $55.7 million to build in 1975; that’s about $212 million in today’s $$$s.  Nice investment.  Best Silverdome moment ever?  Hulk Hogan v Andre the Giant.


You think Bucs cheerleaders travel everywhere wearing matching sweat suits?  I sure hope so.


The Los Angeles Times now leads the competition for this year’s “No Sh!t” headline award.


Not sure if the Steelers Mike Wallace will continue his one game hot streak thought the season.  What I do now is that Hines Ward is 33 years-old, I’m not all that sold on Santonio Holmes and Limas Sweed sucks.  If you’re in a dynasty league or something, you should take a look a Wallace as he could be the Steelers #1 of the future.


I dare you.   


You can buy game worn gear from the Lingerie Football League.  I’m not posting the link; you sickos can find it yourselves.


A.J. Hawk dropped a G on a cab ride.


Quote of the year nominee #3
“The plan is we don’t have a plan” – Jim Schwartz, Lions Head Coach (naturally)


Knowshon Moreno won the rookie touchdown celebration contest.  Youngsters should be reminded that Barry Sanders scored 109 touchdowns, never danced once.


LenDale White lost 23 pounds.  All involved seem to think it’s a good thing.  White’s role is the smash mouth back, but playing at 238 lbs takes him out of the fullback-sized Mack Truck range in to the mere big-back range.  Steven Jackson and Michael Turner play at about this weight, but have speed to match.  White ran a 4.65 40 at the 2006 combine, speed is not this thing, knocking people over is; you have to wonder if he can still do it at a reduced weight.


Chris Collinsworth will replace Madden on Sunday Night Football.  Never been a big fan of the Collinsworth.  If you miss Madden all ready, you can check out his Bocce Ball tournament.

Mel Kiper disses the Lions.  So does this New Orleans Times-Picayune columnist. 
I will ask that while dissing; please separate “Detroit” from “Lions”.  The Detroit area isn’t half bad of a place and Detroiters are friendly hard working people. The Lions are the worst organization in the history of organizations.


Another quote of the year nominee, Drew Sharp, Detroit Free Press columnist discussing the Lions using three consecutive first round picks on wide receivers...
“People knew it was a dumb idea because the Lions thought of it.”

First nominee for 2009 quote of the year: Kyle Orton will, “…try to score as many points as possible” in Denver.

Boo to the Indianapolis Star for running a story about cheerleaders that has no pictures of cheerleaders.  Florida Times-Union has wall to wall coverage.

Waah, Waah, Waah.  The NFL Network is a greedy monopoly
-  Signed EVP of Comcast, greedy monopoly 


Deteted all the old 2008 stories to spare myself further embarrasment about man-love for Wills McGahee, J.T. O'Sullivan and Ricky Williams.  But there was some stuff I just didn't have the heart to remove from the internet forever.  Consider this 2008's Greatest Hits...


Kansas City rookies dancing with senior citizens  


Lot to discuss with the Brady Quinn situation.  First of all, dude's cut like a gladiator, but misses the rest of the season with a boo-boo finger.  (Yours truly broke his right index finger playing ball in the eighth grade.  Not only did I finish the game, I got two hits, and played an error-less shortstop).  Then Romeo names him the starter for 2009, even though, I wouldn’t bet that Crennell will be the coach in 2009.  Better yet, what a way to motivate your squad for the rest of the year.  “We’re gonna put this Anderson dude in, remember him, he led us to that 10-6 record last season.  But he’s just keeping the seat warm for Boo-Boo Finger.  Go get ‘em fellas”


If you’ve been a Roundtable reader all season, you may have figured out that yours truly is a Detroiter and a Lions hatea.  I’m not even a frustrated fan anymore; I gave up on this squad years ago.  In previewing this Sunday’s Panthers/Lions game, The Charlotte Observer and former Detroit Free Press writer Reid Creager sums up the situation for his North Carolina readers. 


Puppies own Derek Anderson.


The Detroit Lions ended the preseason as the lone 4-0 team; the proudest moment for the franchise since Barry Sanders crossed the 2,000 yard mark in 1997.  No team went 4-0 in 2007, the three that went 4-0 in 2006 all went 8-8 in the regular season.